If you want to take one of our two-year courses, you have decided for a demanding training and education. You will graduate not only as certified navigational or engineering officer but also obtain an entry qualification for a university of applied sciences.


The ability to solve problems mathematically is crucial for the successful operation of any ship. This is why mathematics is not only a fundamental basis for your future profession but also a significant part of our courses. To ease the first steps in our courses, we highly recommend our future students to refresh their basic knowledge in mathematics.

Furthermore we have developed a test which is available via e-mail. It is designed for possible future students, to evaluate which areas of mathematics may require some preparatory work.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, this test is not a required entry qualification. The needed skills will be taught in class, so please don’t be deterred if the test might not be successful. It is designed to show you how focused preparation could ease your training a bit.

From our experiences the major causes of error in tests result from a lack of basic knowledge.