About us ...


Located on the Flensburg Campus, the Maritime College is Germany’s northernmost educational establishment for ship’s officer education and training.

In the Centre for Maritime Studies, the utmost synergy effects are achieved by using the laboratories and simulator facilities of the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (www.hs-flensburg.de), offering valuable benefits for our students.

Flensburg Campus, with about 9000 students educated in a variety of courses, offers our maritime students everything that characterizes a modern educational establishment. For more than 125 years, we are the top address for maritime training and are more than happy to welcome you to our college.

We are part of Schleswig-Holsteins vocational schools. Entry qualifications for our college are a intermediate-/secondary school leaving certificate (“Mittlere Reife”) and in most cases a ship’s mechanic certificate.

Our students obtain their certificates in a two-year course and graduate as state-certified technician or deck officer. With their certificate the students also qualify to attend a university of applied sciences (“Fachhochschulreife”).

The STCW certificates our students are awarded are equivalent to the certificates awarded at universities of applied sciences, with the difference that our students will not be awarded bachelor’s degrees.

There are still many commonalities regarding maritime training between the Maritime College and Flensburg University of Applied Sciences for example the joint use of the University of Applied Sciences engine and navigation simulators.