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On this page you will find interesting facilities and assistance in and around the university city of Flensburg. Please note that the Maritime College Flensburg is not liable if any damage occurs from using the information presented here, including links and referrals.

Schiffsbetriebstechnische Gesellschaft Flensburg" (STGF) e.V.

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The "Schiffsbetriebstechnische Gesellschaft Flensburg" (STGF), founded in 1954 as "Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Schiffingenieurschule Flensburg" (GFFS) and renamed in 1980, is the local association of ship engineers in Flensburg. The STGF is a registered association and supporter of the maritime training at the Maritime College and the University of Applied Sciences in Flensburg. The purpose of the association is the support of research, education and training in the field of maritime engineering. The association organizes conferences, meetings, seminars, excursions, support of investments for junior training and education and support for professional publications.  ... more

Centre for Maritime Studies Flensburg

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The maritime research and training centre is one of the biggest and most modern simulator centres in northern Europe. ... more

Seamen’s School


Schleswig-Holsteins Seamen’s School located in Lübeck-Travemünde/Priwall is a place of training and education for maritime personnel since 1952. In addition to vocational programs for ship mechanics, the school offers training in fire-fighting and prevention, fire-rescue and also metalworking, STCW-Courses, offshore-courses and specially designed courses, based on customer specification. The Seamen’s School also offers training for safety specialists in collaboration with the BG Traffic and Transport (occupational insurance association).  ... more

Campus acticities and facilities

·Being a student in Flensburg                          ... more
·The “Campusbad” swimming pool                   ... more
·Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein – Student advice and accommodation  ... more
·The “FLENS-Arena”                                        ... more


·A first contact when searching for accommodation   ... more

Recreation and leisure activities

·Sailing/aquatic sports     ... more
·Diving                             ... more
·Fishing                           ... more
·Handball                         ... more
·Football                          ... more

Flensburg – The town and its surroundings

Located directly on the Flensburg Fjord, a distributary arm of the Baltic Sea, Flensburg is surrounded by green beech forests, white beaches, a lot of water and even more fresh air. With its historic captains’ houses, narrow alleys, churches and the museum harbor, Schleswig-Holsteins third-biggest down constantly reminds you of its maritime history.   ...more

·Flensburg Szene          ... more
·Tourism                        ... more