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Hochschule Flensburg - University of Applied Sciences

Our Maritime College (MC) cooperates closely with the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS), especially in simulator training, engineering and nautical science.

The engine simulator, purchased and maintained by the UAS, is used by the MC, whereas the commonly used Ship Command Simulator was purchased by the UAS and upgraded by the MC. In the area of material engineering, the MC benefits from the laboratories of the UAS Institute of Materials Science, whereas UAS students advance their training in the laboratory of the MC.

The UAS laboratories for electrical machinery and physics are also available for MC students and are used in their training.

There is another close cooperation between the MC and the UAC Institute for Nautical and Maritime Technology in the area of medium-voltage electrical training.

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German Navy

As part of their officer training, officers of the Militärfachlicher Dienst (former NCOs in specialist positions) receive their navigational training in our Maritime College.  They graduate with a certification as officer in charge of a navigational watch and obtain an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

Maritime pilots NOK II/Kiel/Lübeck/Flensburg

The pilots association supports the navigational education of the Maritime College by training our students on simulators in the area of maneuvering. This successful collaboration will be continued in the next term.