Engineering / C-License

Training for officers in charge of an engineering watch, second engineer officer and
chief engineers on merchant vessels
of any propulsion power.


State certified technician


Designated period (C)

2 years

Download: Lehrplan C (PDF-File 60 KB)  New Lehrplan - for the time being (PDF-File 315 KB)
Online: Curriclum C
Download: Application form (PDF-File 652 KB)

All courses normally commence mid-September every year

Further information

Entry requirements for officer and chief engineer training:

•      Realschulabschluss/Diploma attesting to a level of secondary education (ISCED Level II),
•      Ship mechanic degree or certified training in an area of metalwork and 12 months of seagoing service as technical officer’s assistant (TOA),
•      Ship’s operation assistant/SBTA training and 12 months of seagoing service as technical officer’s assistant (TOA),
•      Navy members with a minimum of 4 years of seagoing service and 3 months of traineeship on a merchant vessel.

Entry requirements for marine engineer 750kW (C750) training:

•      Hauptschulabschluss/Secondary modern school qualification,
•      Ship mechanic degree,
•      Nautical Certificate of Competency (without ship mechanic degree at least 3 months of metalwork or electrical training),
•      Metalwork or electrical training and 6 months of seagoing service on engineering duty.

For further information or individual approval, see Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie - BSH, Hamburg